• Faith

    Rejection is a Redirection

    The main difference between

    Being rejected, and
    Passively waiting

    is that, in the first one, you actually tried.

    You actually did something.

    You went so far into your venture to become rejected – and that is a good thing.

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  • Health

    Blood Test Results | Apr 2021, Sept 2021, & Jan 2022

    Last April 2021, I was feeling some pain in my knees, especially whenever I worked out. It was a complete bummer especially since I was finally progressing with my snatches. I told my mom about it and she said I should have my uric acid checked.

    Here are the results of the blood test:

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  • Anxiety,  Health

    Gut Issues

    I’ve loved dairy in all forms, shapes, and sizes since I was a child.

    In my early 20s, I was obsessed with Dairy Queen blizzards. I’d even order a drizzle of cocoa fudge for an extra chocolate kick. It always cost me P25 more, but I always thought it was worth it. Before I had my rice meal, I would have bread and butter for an appetizer during breakfast. When I was sad, I would find comfort in chocolate milkshakes. When I was happy, I’d have Wendy’s Frosty. My go-to ice-cream flavor is always chocolate-based, even now. If I weren’t satisfied, I’d drizzle a generous serving of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.

    Little did I know, all that was about to change in 2017. Let me take you 5 years back.

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  • Art

    Art Haul | Volume No. 2

    I’d like to share some art stuff I got recently. This is for the purpose of documenting the things I own and also to make it easier for me to repurchase, as well as to softly rate the art materials and determine which are yay’s or nay’s.

    I also wrote a blog post previously on my bullet journal art haul. This might interest you as well. Feel free to bookmark and read it later! Now, for my latest art haul, let’s get to it!

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  • Deep Sentiments,  Faith,  Self Love,  Serenity

    Self, Read This On A Bad Day

    It’s 12:13 AM on a Saturday as I write this.

    I’m chilling with Zoe on Scener with his cousin Josh beside him.

    I just finished writing an article, proofreading it with Zoe, and updating my bullet journal.

    For the first time in a long time, I feel calm. I feel a sense of peace that I’ve been craving for a very long time now. I look around and see how complete my life is.

    I feel proud of my workspace. Albeit a tiny space, I call it my own. I can spend hours at my desk either working or doing personal stuff and I’m reminded each and every time that I have more than what I need.

    I have more than what I prayed for.

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  • Happily Thicc

    “Sustainable” Looks Different On Everyone

    Sustainable looks different on everyone.

    When you’re at your healthiest, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you would look like a model or an athlete.

    When my life is at its most manageable, meaning I have control over my nutrition, workout schedule, career, relationships, personal needs, etc, with no area 0f my life compromised, I look full-figured/thicc/chubby. It’s just what it is.

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  • Food,  Sentiments

    Dear Joe & Life Concerns

    Saturday was a planned Rest Day spent well. I spent a couple of hours doing digital art, then we went to this coffee shop my mom has been raving about – Dear Joe.

    The place was amazing! I’ve seen its interior before and wondered why there were no customers inside. Now, it’s packed with people, which is always happy to see in a thriving cafe.

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  • Art

    Bullet Journal Art Haul

    I went back to bullet journaling recently and it’s been keeping me happy and sane. As a shopper, I’m particular with the items I buy. I don’t know about you, but I definitely spend hours looking for the right stuff online since I don’t have much shopping budget to spare.

    I’m writing this blog post to document the stuff I got, so I can find them easier when I decide to make a repurchase, and also to share my haul with my lovely readers – in case you also love bullet journaling and would benefit from these things.

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